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Hose Power Will Leave You Underwhelmed

Hose Power Will Leave You Underwhelmed

Prepare to be underwhelmed. The "power" of a standard hose and the pressure from your outdoor water source might seem like they are enough to perform effective pressure washing, but in the end, you likely won't get the results you desire. Here's why:

If it's time to clean your patio, the following likely will transpire: You grab the traditional garden hose, set the nozzle on the "jet" mode, and fire away. Suddenly that spot that was once a foot in diameter now is spread out and covers a much larger area, though it appears there is less dirt.

Not so. All you've done is spread the mess around, and nothing is clean. In fact, the grime now covers a bigger area. So you keep spraying, and eventually, you think the problem is solved. Unfortunately, it's not. The wet area eventually dries, leaving a mark where the dirt settled, and you, who had such high hopes just minutes before, feel a little dejected the patio still isn't clean.

It IS An Exact Science!

Pressure washing a paved surface for your Baton Rouge home or business involves more than just using a hose and nozzle to wash away unwanted blemishes. There is a system and procedure that includes the following:

  • Water pressure and temperature.
  • Condition of material being treated.
  • Degree of contaminants on the surface.
  • Overall desired result.

Homeowners and business owners alike would think pressure washing is a simple task. Just point the hose and blast away. This actually can cause damage if the pressure is too high or results in the aforementioned spreading of dirt and grime.

A Tip For Baton Rouge Homeowners

We live in a hot, humid area with temperature fluctuations and sometimes unpredictable weather conditions. It might be clear and beautiful in the morning, but by mid-afternoon in the summer, those Louisiana thunderstorms roll in and often pound away at your roof and property.

Your exterior surfaces bear the brunt of the impacts of the weather and the moisture of the Deep South. So scheduling deck and fence cleaning at least twice a year will ensure the mold, mildew, grime, and other hard-to-spot contaminants are washed away using proper pressure and temperature and, if necessary, an environmentally sound antibacterial detergent.

Turn To The Pros For The Best Results

While some property owners will choose the DIY option, it's essential to seek advice from professionals. They know this business better than you do and have trained professionals who will advise you on the best course of pressure washing action, from simple patio cleaning to driveway washing to gutter brightening.

So, in the end, before you grab the garden hose and point and shoot, consider seeking advice from professionals like the ones at Delta Soft Wash. We know the trade inside and out. Give us a call at 225-999-4030.

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